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We are nearing the end of our summer season. Don't miss out on one last taste of summer before we start in to Cider and Apple Season.

The Red Barn Markets that are NOW OPEN at 10 am include:

  • 721 North Cable Road, next to Westgate Lanes Bowling Alley
  • 1378 Bellefontaine Avenue, next to Kewpee's East
  • East Tiffin Avenue, next to Panera Bread
  • 1400 North Main Street, corner of Main St. & SR 224(Last Day Sat. 27th)
  • Corner of Route 224 and 65, by Big Daddy's
  • 492 St. Route 103, in front of the Circle K Marathon Station, by Springfield Fireworks
  • Bellefontaine St. (next to Wal Mart) (Last Day Sat. 27th)

Square Credit Card Payments
**New** We are now able to accept Credit Cards at all of our Red Barn Markets.

Sweet Corn!

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